Local Lettings Plans

A local letting plan is an agreement between the Local Authority and a Registered Providers. It decides how properties will be allocated in certain defined geographical areas.

Local lettings plans will only be used in exceptional circumstances, to meet specific local issues within an area

If a local lettings plan has been agreed for a property this will be clearly displayed on the advert.

Listed below are the local lettings polices:

In Halton, Halton Housing, Torus and Onward have a Local Lettings Plan for selected Developements, please click on the links below to see full details:


Daresbury Park Development

Sewell Street Development

Hallwood Park Apartment Scheme


Liverpool Mutual Homes has Local Lettigns Plans for selected developments.  Please click on the link below to see full details.

Leighton Dene

Buckles Nursery (knowsley)

Barlow Street

Broad Lane


Poets Park

Boaler Street


Norbury & Highfield (Kirkby)



In Sefton, One Vision Housing, Torus and Plus Dane have a local lettings plan for selected properties.  Please click on the link below to see full details;

Oxford House, Strand House Smithy Green and Hamlet Close

Rainbow Fields, Melling

Town Lane, Kew (Southport)

Lenton Avenue, Formby

Andrews Lane, Formby

Cambridge Gardens, Southport

Coronation Road, Crosby


In Knowsley, Torus, Onward and Livv Housing Group have local lettings plans for the following schemes. Please click on the links below for full details:

Local Lettings - Torus - Silcock Court

Local Lettings - Torus - Eccleston House

Local Lettings - Onward - Greenes Road

Local Lettings - Livv Housing Group - Watchmaker Court


Additionally, the Knowsley Extra Care Allocations Policy may be of relevance to some applicants. Please click on the link below for full details:

Knowsley Extra Care Allocations Policy



In Wirral Torus have Local Lettings Plans in place for their developments at The Orchard, Pensby and Riverside, Birkenhead, Arrowebrook, Upton, and Jellcoe Gardens, Moreton; Onward Homes have a Local Lettings Plan in place for their development in Prenton Dell, for full details click the links below:

Local Lettings - Torus - The Orchard

Local Lettings - Torus - Riverside

Local Letting Plan - Torus - Arrowebrook, Upton

Local Lettings Plan - Torus - Jellicoe Gardens, Moreton

Local Lettings Plan - Torus - Manor Par, Rock Ferry

Local Lettings - Onward Homes - Prenton Dell

Local Lettings Plan - Minshall Way, Rock Ferry

Local Lettings Plan - Onward, Ferry Court, Seacombe