What proofs you will need to provide


For your application to be assessed you will need to provide the verification documents outlined below.

One document may satisfy most requirements listed below e.g. a benefit agency letter dated within the last 3 months will act as proof of national insurance number and proof of residence.

Proof of National Insurance Number

You will need to provide proof of national insurance number for both the main and joint applicants

  • P60
  • Benefit agency letter
  • Wage Slip
  • National insurance card
  • Inland Revenue Letter


Proof of Identification 

You will need to provide proof of identification for each member of your household (one of the following);

  • Current Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Immigration Documentation

If you are unable to provide the above documents, we may be able to accept one of the documents listed below as an alternative, depending on your circumstances:

  • Proof of Benefit Agency claim (including Child Benefit)
  • Current UK photo card driver’s licence (full or provisional)
  • Inland Revenue notification / tax assessment
Proof of Residence

You will need to provide proof of residence for all household members to be rehoused with you. You do not need to send proof of residence for people who are living with you now, but who are not being rehoused with you, unless you are overcrowded. All documents must be dated within the last three months, except for a driving licence and your current year’s Council Tax Bill. Please provide one of the following:

  • Current UK or EEA photo card Driving License (full or provisional)
  • Bank/ Building Society Statement
  • Current year’s Council Tax Bill
  • Utility Bill (Gas/ Electric/ Water/ Cable TV) – Not mobile phone bill
  • Proof of Benefit Agency Claim (including Child Benefit)


Landlord Reference

You will need to provide a landlord reference for the main and joint applicant and / or partner. This should be from your current and / or former landlord. If you have never held a tenancy or you are struggling to obtain a reference, please let us know. 


Proof of local connection to the scheme area.

Either the main or joint applicant needs to be able to prove a local connection to the scheme area to register with the scheme. This can be either through:

  • Two years continuous residence across the scheme areas of Halton, Knowsley, Liverpool, Sefton, and Wirral. You will need to provide proof of your current residence as detailed above plus proof you were resident in the area two years ago. If you have lived in more than one of the Local Authority areas over the previous two years you will need to provide evidence for each area. Please refer to the list of documents below which may be submitted to evidence your local connection:
    • Tenancy Agreement / Landlord Reference
    • Council Tax bill
    • Utility bill (gas, electric, water, TV)
    • Bank statement
    • Confirmation from the Electoral Register
  • Employment in the area for a minimum of 16 hours per week (minimum 12 month contract). Evidence may include:
    • Wage slip
    • P60
    • Self-employed:
      • Business rates
      • Business utility bill
      • Business bank statement
  • Close family association i.e. parent / other guardian, sibling or adult child who has been resident in the area for the last five years. You will need to provide:
    • Evidence of the family connection e.g. a Birth Certificate and,
    • Proof of residence for the previous five years. 
  • There are other ways you can prove a local connection, or where the need for a local connection can be disregarded. If any of these apply to you please visit our website for further information and evidence requirements:
    • Some Armed Forces personnel and members of the Armed Forces community.
    • People with a continuing caring responsibility for someone resident in the Local Authority area.
    • People fleeing domestic abuse.
    • Homeless households owed a Homeless Duty by the Local Authority.
    • Care Leavers placed outside the Local Authority who are owed a duty by the Local Authority.

If the required documentation is not supplied within 3 months your application will be closed.

Additional Documents Depending on your Circumstances
  • Proof of pregnancy (MATB1 form) if any member of your household is pregnant
  • Proof of access arrangements where dependent children are not living with you
  • Proof of employment (dated within the last 3 months) if any adult household member is working a minimum of 16 hrs per week
  • Armed forces discharge papers – if you have served in the armed forces and are due to be discharged within 3 months or have serviced in the armed or reserved forces and been discharged within the past 12 months
Supporting Evidence for Priority Need

To be considered for priority banding, additional supporting information will be required to enable us to fully understand your housing needs. If you are applying for a medical priority please note that prescription lists and print outs of appointments on their own are insufficient for us to assess your medical needs. To fully understand your requirements we need documentation which confirms why your current property is unsuitable and why a move to an alternative property would either alleviate or remove the issues you are currently experiencing.

Contact your Property Pool Plus administrator​ for more information. 

The simplest way to provide your documents is to upload them direct to your Property Pool Plus account. Please click here for a step by step guide on how to upload your documents. If you are unable to use the document upload facility you can send them to the organisation who manages your application. Please visit the Contact Us page for information on where to send your documents.  If you decide to post documents to your administrator please only send copies as we cannot guarantee that originals will be returned to you.