To ensure that accommodation is allocated fairly, and to take account of any change in circumstances affecting an applicant's eligibility, qualification, or current or future housing need, applicants are required to renew their application every 12 months.

The renewal procedure will be the responsibility of the applicant’s Administering Scheme Partner who will contact each main applicant to renew their application. This will take place annually on the anniversary of the registration date. Applicants will be required to respond within 56 days, after which their application will be closed. If an applicaiton is closed due to not renewing and rehousing is still required a new applicaiotn will need to be submitted which will result in a new application date.

When an Application is due for renewal the below message will appear when you log into your account:

Application renewal required









Click ‘update my details’ and you will be directed to your online application form. You will receive 15 minutes per page to complete the renewal. Please check all your details are correct, if your circumstances have changed please ensure you update these, and then submit your form. It is important you go through each page of the form until you get to the end and press submit, otherwise your renewal will not be accepted.









Your Administering Scheme Partner will receive your completed renewal, if you have made changes that require new updated proofs we will request these from you.