Please read this declaration carefully before you submit this application:

The information I have given (or given on behalf of the applicant) is correct and complete.

I understand that my data will be processed in accordance with the Property Pool Plus Privacy Statement which is available on the website.

I understand that:

  • I must let you know if my circumstances change as this could affect my eligibility or priority for housing.


  • My details may be verified with any appropriate Council service area·


  • The partner landlords, who may be able to make me an offer, may check the details on this form and that any relevant information may be given to those organisations to help them consider my application.


  • References and information about my tenancy history may be obtained from current and previous landlords. 


  • My application may be cancelled if I give false or misleading information or if I withhold information. If I am granted a tenancy based on false or misleading information, or because of information I have not given, I understand that I may be evicted and prosecuted for criminal offences and I may have to pay a fine of up to £5,000 under section 171 of the Housing Act 1996.


  • That I need to renew my application every year. If I do not renew my application it will be removed from the housing register.


  • Scheme Council's or Scheme Landlord's may contact me directly regarding individual properties that I may be eligible to bid for.


  • The Scheme Councils maintain waiting list information on behalf of a number of bodies responsible for administering public funds. These bodies are required by law to protect the public funds that they administer and the information you provide may be shared with other bodies responsible for auditing or administering public funds or where undertaking a public function, in order to prevent and detect fraud.


By submitting this application I agree to the above declaration.