Property Pool Plus has Changed

Property Pool Plus has changed.

On 8th January 2024, a new Housing Allocations Policy was introduced by Property Pool Plus (PPP), which is the register for anyone looking for social or affordable housing in Liverpool, Wirral, Sefton, Knowsley and Halton.

The change in policy is designed to simplify the system by reducing the number of priority bands from six to four and making some changes to the criteria by which people are accepted into each band.

The changes to the criteria for who can qualify for the scheme impact on factors such as an applicant’s connection to the area in which they are looking for accommodation, whether they own a property, how much they might have in savings, whether they are under 18, and whether they have previously had rent arrears or displayed unacceptable behaviour.

What hasn’t changed is how all available properties are advertised, how people can bid on them and where all the information in relation to registering and bidding is found, which will remain

To find out more about the chnages please read our Frequently Asked Questions. You may also wish to view a copy of the new policy for further details about the changes.