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Propertypool Plus



Halton Housing Trust will no longer have a reception area at the Daresbury Point Office, Runcorn from 1st Sept 2017.

If customers need to contact Housing Options Team - or they will need to do this through an appointment or via the surgery in Runcorn.



What is Property Pool Plus?


Watch the Video below to learn more about how to apply to Property Pool Plus



Moving home

Some important changes have recently been made to the Property Pool Plus service. Since April 2015, Halton Direct Link have no longer been providing advice services to residents in relation to Property Pool Plus (PPP) applications for housing - instead directing customers to the PPP website and/or our Housing Options team  - contact the team by sending an email to the following :

***Important - Proofs you need to provide***

For your housing application to be assessed you will need to provide the relevant supporting documents which are listed here. Paper proofs will no longer be accepted, instead E-mail a photographic copy of your proofs to

We may also require further evidence in relation to your current housing situation, in which case we will contact you.

***Once we have received ALL proofs required, your application will be activated within 15 working days.  If you do not provide your proofs your application will not be activated and you will be unable to bid on any advertised properties.***

Updating your Application

If you need any help updating your application click hereto access our helpful user guide to take you through the procedure.

Alternatively you can contact the Halton Property Pool Plus Team:

  • By Client Messages from this website once you are registered on the scheme using the 'My Messages' facility within the 'My Account' screen.

  • Email the Halton Housing Options Team directly using

  • Follow us on Twitter for all the latest news and information - @Halton_PPP     








From 1st April 2017 if you are aged 18-21 you may NOT be entitled to any financial help to pay your rent. If you make a new claim for Universal Credit and you are not working, or you are working but your earnings are below the minimum in-work threshold (for 18 to 20 year oldswho are not apprentices this is equivalent to £89.60 a week) you will not be entitled to any help with housing costs.

Some 18-21 year olds may be exempt from these changes and will be entitled to receive help permanently or for a limited period of time - click here for more information

When you sign to take on a tenancy it is your responsibility to pay your rent as it becomes due regardless of whether you are working/not working or receiving financial help to pay your rent or not. If you are not entitled to help with your housing costs and are not earning an income sufficient to meet your rent and other household expenditure such as energy bills, council tax, TV licence, water, phone costs for example then you will be unable to afford to manage a tenancy.

If you are unsure if you qualify for help with housing costs it is you should clarify this before you bid on or sign up for a tenancy. For more information on Universal Credit visit call 0345 600 4272 or if you have an online Universal Credit account please seek further advice via your UC Journal.



Changes to Housing Benefit (or housing element of Universal Credit) 


After the 1st April 2016 if you have signed a new tenancy the amount of Housing Benefit [or the Housing element of Universal Credit] that you may receive from 1st April 2018 could be restricted.


This is because if you rent from a local authority, a registered housing association or other registered social landlord the amount of Housing Benefit [or the housing element of UniversalCredit] you will receive will be capped to the relevant Local Housing Allowance rate for your household size that currently applies to private sector tenants.


The Local Housing Allowance rates for your area can be found at  


If you are under 35 years old and do not have any dependent children living with you, your eligible rent will be capped to a shared accommodation rate even if you do not share your home with anyone else. The rate for your area can be found at


If you are also affected by the “bedroom tax” and if the difference between your rent and the relevant Local Housing Allowance rate for your household is higher than the reduction for under-occupied bedrooms, only the cap will apply. Similarly, if the reduction for “bedroom tax” is higher than the relevant Local Housing Allowance rate for your household, only the reduction for under-occupied bedrooms will apply.

Please note – in all cases, you will only receive one reduction.


If you sign a new tenancy or renew a tenancy after 1 April 2016  you will need to think about whether the rent you pay in the social sector is higher than that allowed for private rented sector tenants.


In particular, if you are in receipt of Housing Benefit or Universal Credit on or after 1 April 2018, you will need to consider how your will afford any shortfall in your rent. The website links above will help you to determine whether your rent is above the Local Housing Allowance rates for your area.
























We're working with Movemaker, a new home swap app and mobile website - the really easy way to swap homes!


Movemaker is a new app and website that has been designed to make it easier for social housing tenants to swap their homes through mutual exchange.


If you're a resident and wanting to move, you can register to use Movemaker! Download the app toyourapple or android smart phone or tablet, or register on-line It's free to download and use!








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