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Propertypool Plus

Prioritising Applications

Property Pool Plus uses a banding scheme to prioritise applications.

All new housing and transfer applications received for rented accommodation will be assessed and placed in one of 6 bands, A to F. The table below sets out the banding scheme and gives examples of those applicants who would be eligible to be placed in each band. To be eligible for priority bands A-D, an applicant must have a local connection to the area in which they are hoping to be housed (more information regarding local connection can be found in the FAQ’s)





Band A

Urgent priority


Health/Welfare (urgent)

Statutory homeless (unintentionally with priority need)


Overcrowded (two or more bedrooms)


Band B

High priority


Health / Welfare (high)

Overcrowded (one bedroom)


Under occupation


Band C

Medium priority 

Health/Welfare (medium)

Homeless (no priority need)

Homeless (intentional with priority need)

Living with family and friends

Band D

Low priority

No assessed need and in employment

Band E

No priority

No assessed need and not in employment


Band F

Reduced priority

Reduced preference status due to unacceptable behaviour; or

 rent arrears



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