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Propertypool Plus



Applying to go onto the Property Pool Plus Housing Register for properties in Liverpool

If you live in Liverpool and wish to apply to go on the Property Pool Plus Housing Register you will need to make an application click here 


In Liverpool as we do not own or manage any social housing we work in partnership with our Registered Providers (Housing Associations).  If you want to see who the partners are then click here 


If you are currently a tenant of a housing association in Liverpool then your current landlord will take responsibility for registering and managing your application and registration on Property Pool Plus.


If you are not a housing association tenant and living in the private sector then you can choose to register for housing with any of the landlords participating in the scheme in Liverpool.


If you live within the boundary of the other local authorities in Knowsley, Sefton, Halton or Wirral but want housing in Liverpool you will need to contact the Administering Scheme partner in these areas.  The details of how you can contact them can be found on the main home page by selecting the local authority.


If you do not live in any of the five local authority areas you can register with any of the administering scheme partners or the participating landlords in Liverpool.


Once you have registered you will be able to access suitable properties that are advertised by all of the landlords that participate in Property Pool Plus across the Merseyside sub region.


Shortlisting, Quotas and Targets

Shortlisting in Liverpool


All applicants that are registered on Property Pool Plus are given a priority banding and sub band in accordance with the current Sub Regional Allocation Scheme click here


In Liverpool we operate an order of priority between each of the sub bands within each main priority band i.e. in Priority Band B Health and Welfare Sub Band has a higher priority than those in the Priority Band B Overcrowding Sub Band and this applies to all of the sub bands within each of the Urgent, High, Medium priority bands. 


A property is advertised to High Priority - Health and Welfare Sub Band. All of the applicants in the High Priority band can make a bid on this property but they will be shortlisted in order of their sub bands and then their date within that sub band shown below:-


Applicant 1 - Priority sub band Health and Welfare date 1 January 2013


Applicant 2 - Priority sub and Health and Welfare date 1 February 2013


Applicant 3 - Priority sub band Overcrowding date 1 January 2010


Applicant 4 - Priority sub band Overcrowding date 1 February 2010   


Applicant 5 - Priority sub band Disrepair date 1 January 2009


Applicant 6 - Priority sub band Under occupation date 1 January 2013


Quotas and Targets

In Liverpool we have a large number of applicants that have a recognised priority housing need to access social rented housing in the City.  At present we try to ensure that all of the applicants on the register who wish to move to suitable housing in Liverpool are given an opportunity to move and by using a quota system this allows this to happen.  This currently only applies to Liverpool and will be reviewed after Property Pool Plus has been in operation for 12 months when the outcomes can be compared with the other four local authorities that are part of the scheme.


The current lettings targets for each of the priority bands in Liverpool are as follows:-


Urgent Band A = 30%

High Band B = 48%

Medium Band C = 19%

Low Band D = 3%


Local Lettings

For some properties in the City the City Council will agree to some specific local letting arrangements with the participating landlords. This will usually be based on quantifiable evidence that a targeted approach to lettings is needed to reduce the vacancy turnover and or stabilise the community.  These properties will still be advertised through PPP but there may be additional requirements in order for a letting to take place and these will be made clear at the time of the advert.  Local lettings will only be in place for a 6 - 12 month period and will then be reviewed to establish if a further extension is needed.


Housing Advice and Homelessness

In Liverpool we have a Housing Options Service that provides advice and assistance to residents who may be threatened with losing their home or are having difficulties with their landlord or lender.


If you are threatened with homelessness you can contact the Housing Options Service by calling into any One Stop Shop or by phoning Careline on 0151 233 3800 (Freephone 0800 731 6844).

You should seek help as soon as you think there is a possibility that you may be made homeless.  It is also important to contact the service as early as possible during the day if you have nowhere to stay - 4pm to 4.30pm will usually be the latest possible appointment time.


If you are contacting us about an ongoing homelessness enquiry, please call 0151 233 3044.


In an emergency

If you cannot be seen in office hours and can't wait until the next working day, please call Careline on 0151 233 3800 (Freephone 0800 731 6844).


Careline will tell you if the council has a duty to provide you with temporary accommodation.  If this is the case, they will arrange overnight accommodation and an interview with the Housing Options Service the following day.


What can Housing Options do for you?

If you are referred to the Housing Options Service a prevention officer will offer help in a number of ways.  You may be offered one or more of the following:

  • A homelessness assessment - as quickly as possible.
  • Specialist mediation to help resolve family disputes.
  • Help to prevent or reverse illegal evictions.
  • Help using the government's Mortgage Rescue Scheme.
  • Sanctuary from domestic violence.
  • Help with bidding on Property Pool Plus.
  • Support with moving.






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